Jeanne and Andremise

“In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.” Psalm 48

What a beautiful psalm! How reassuring! Tonight after our night time prayer I took a few pictures of the kids before they went to sleep. You can see the smiling faces and you can see that for them, it is clear, they will lie down in peace and sleep in safety. How truly wonderful! I never cease to thank God for all that we are able to give these kids and for all that they give us in return.

But you know, in order for this psalm to be true, we need people. Kind loving people that will look after the kids during the night time. Kind, loving people that will be God’s physical angels during the night. Meet Jeanne and Andremise. For 20 years they have been looking after our kids during the night. For 20 years they have been the ones to ensure that the kids sleep in safety. With their loving arms they have comforted when comfort was needed. They have held sick children in their arms most of the night when this was needed. They have rushed upstairs to me for help when someone was critically sick and in need of extra attention. They have worried and stressed time and time again when we fought with illnesses that were determined to take our kids from us. They have wept and cried and grieved when we had to let go. Then with loving hearts they opened arms to each new addition to the family. With motherly love they have ensured that each new child felt at home from the first night she/he arrived.

2 photo

All these years they have been family to us here in Kay Christine. Many times Hurricanes prevented them from going home after the night shift, so they rolled up their sleeves and helped us get through the day as the day shift people could not come. The earthquake shook them as much as any of us and yet they stayed firm, putting the kids first. They have put up with me and my good sides and my bad sides – always patiently trying to understand what needs to be done. The administration records will tell you that they are staff. We know they are family. We know that without them, this psalm would have no meaning. I know that without them I would have no peace. God is good – don’t ever doubt it. Religions may disappoint us but always remember God is more than any one religion. And what is religion anyway but the attempt of humans to try and understand God. Let’s face it- God will never fit into our human limitations of what God is or is not. But I say it again, God is good and good comes from God. Jeanne and Andremise are two mighty women and they have their trust in God. Don’t be afraid to do the same.

My prayer tonight is one of thanksgiving for Jeanne and Andremise. I also pray that each of you reading this will be instruments of making Psalm 4 a reality for many many people. For sure you are already to your children and loved ones. Maybe you can find ways to be an instrument for others……

April 2015 – Indira

“And is time not even as love is, undivided and paceless? But if in your thought you must measure time into seasons, let each circle encircle all the other circles, and let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing

Early this morning I was writing a letter to a woman who will sponsor one of children- Indira. I decided to send her a photo of the first day we accepted Indira into our home – back in 1999. Then I went downstairs and took a picture with Indira.

Indira 1 Indira 2

As I looked at the two pictures I found myself thinking of all that has happened in our lives since the day I brought Indira to our home. I was reflecting on how the years have treated us. At the time I picked Indira up she had been abandoned in our hospital and she was such a cute little girl. She was very responsive and always quick with a giggle and a smile.

Over the years Indira has held onto her beautiful smile and she has continues to enrich all our lives. Physically she has many limitations but her mind is sharp as can be and she has such a wonderful sense of humour. A few weeks ago I was in a meeting that dragged on way way past lunch time. So when I came in , I went straight to the cooker and started preparing something to eat. One of the ladies came in and asked me how I was and I said I was great but I was starving with the hunger! No sooner had I said this than I heard great laughter coming from across the room. I looked over and there was Indira laughing her head off at me and at the idea that I was so hungry! I did not even know she was keeping an eye on me! When I asked her what was so funny she laughed even more!! And so it is with Indira- always a reason to laugh and smile. It’s amazing really cos for sure she would have lots of reasons to complain especially when you consider she is totally dependent on us.

In the pictures below she is with her godfather Jourdain.

Indira 3 Indira 4

As you look at Indira I hope you will see the fruits of our work all these years. The years bring challenges as happens everywhere but my goodness how blessed we have been! I remember years ago Indira having seizures that lasted hours. That was so so scary! Now she never has seizures! I never find the words to describe just how much Indira and the others in our home, bring to our lives. I always struggle to make people see that our relationship is not one sided. It’s not about us taking care of Indira. It’s not about us doing things for her. Rather it is a sharing of life together. It’s a sharing of our abilities and disabilities together – it may be easy to see Indira’s disabilities but rest assured we all have many disabilities and lucky for me Indira is very patient with me and my disabilities!

Time seems to go so fast- I guess for those in hospital, prison and captivity it is a different story. In the next few weeks I hope to write about some more of the children and show you the progress we have enjoyed. I hope to give you more insight into our lives here. In the meanwhile here is a smile from Indira to brighten up your day.