World Earth Day 2016


Today we celebrated World Earth Day in Kay Germaine. The students and staff celebrated by singing, dancing and planting trees. The older children planted Moringa trees (known in Haiti as the tree of life) which they will take home when the graduate in June. While the other children will also take home Corossol and Papaya plants when they leave for the Summer.

The goal is to make the school as self sustainable as possible while also teaching the children about cultivating food and healthy eating.


April 2nd – World Autism Awareness Day


KAy Germaine

We wake up this morning to International Day of Autism and the month of Autism Awareness. Imagine living in a country where only a select few accept and understand special needs. Where you and your mother are jeered sitting on taptaps. Your mother is advised to abandon you, or put you in an orphanage from the moment people realise that you are ‘different or crazy’. Imagine how stressful this is for your mother…day in day out being told to abandon you.

Yet, Kay Ste. Germaine’s Therapy and School Program give your mother a sense of hope. She makes the difficult journey Tabarre for the first time. As she enters the grounds, she hears laughter and learning. She stands with her child in her arms to the singing of the National Anthem. She looks around in amazement. There are children with the same autistic traits as her child singing or moving in their special repetitive movements to the National Anthem.

Sitting in line for therapy, she shyly looks around, she realises that there are many mothers, fathers and grandparents in the same boat. She and her beautiful child are not alone. She begins to hope for the first time, she hopes her child will walk, will talk and will come to school just like the other children singing their National Anthem.

Ste. Germaine School provides a safe and welcoming learning area for autistic children in a country which has little or no understanding of autism. Please continue to support us and give families hope for a better future and a more compassionate society.

Jacinta McGuane
Teacher Trainer NPFS Special Needs Program