Easter Visit from Haiti Orphanage Project ESPWA (Hope)

Sincere thanks from the bottom of our hearts to Joe Clancy, Helen Connolly and Kieran Tansey of Haiti Orphanage Project ESPWA (Hope) for the wonderful work they did during their recent visit to Kenscoff.

In just a few days, the ESPWA Haiti team and their local crew managed to repair and paint the 2,500 square feet roof over Kay Christine, our residential home for children and adults with special needs. The silicone paint donated by Haven Partnership will seal the roof for decades to come, protecting residents from the worst effects of the cool and wet climate in Kenscoff. Concrete works were also carried out at the front of Kay Christine to improve accessibility for wheelchair users.

This demanding schedule of works was completed on time and in spite of heavy rain showers most days but the work programme is only ever half the story. ESPWA Haiti has established close personal ties with everyone at NPH Special Needs Programs including local labourers, service users and staff. It gladdens our hearts to see you come; it was a privilege to host you again and to share in Joe’s joyful birthday celebrations.

ESPWA Haiti has moved beyond acts of generosity towards the people of Haiti to a real solidarity with them. It’s the type of solidarity that Pope Francis describes when he says we need to ‘confront the poverty of our brothers and sisters, touch it, make it our own and take practical steps to alleviate it’. That solidarity is evident in the regular visits and in the work that goes on to facilitate them; background work of every kind throughout the year. We see it and are deeply grateful.

So, from the comfort of our freshly-sealed home and newly-repaired front yard, we say thanks again to Joe, Helen, Kieran, ESPWA Haiti and all your supporters and donors from everyone in Kenscoff, where, in the words of the Haitian poet Marc Christophe, ‘the mountains stretch out, lazily, in the predawn light … and hope never dies’.