NPH Haiti
Special Needs Nutrition Project

Feeding children in our care is vitally important to us. Malnourished students find it more difficult to concentrate and learn, and our nutrition program was developed to ensure that every child in our care gets at least one healthy meal a day. At 84 Cents a meal, we need $4,400 each month to continue feeding our children.

How Can I Help? You can support our program by making a contribution towards our annual food costs. A breakdown is provided bellow. All support is welcome, needed and appreciated!

To contribute to this project directly please click on the donate button and include the item of food that you would like to contribute to in the “Message” box

For more information please email Gena at

Number of Children per Day
Number of Meals per Day
Number of Days
Average Number of Meals Per Year
35 (Kay Christine)
92 (Kay Germaine)
20 (Kay Eliane)
10 (Kay Gabriel)
62,725 (Total)
Total Number of Children
Average Cost Per Person Per Year on Program
Total Cost of Food