New School Director

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Cassendre Pierre as the new School Director at Kay Ste. Germaine Special Needs School.

Cassendre worked as a primary teacher in a mainstream school before joining Kay Ste. Germaine in 2013. She was employed as a speech and language therapist until her recent promotion to School Director.

Cassendre’s vision for our school is to work on students’ communication and social skills to improve integration at family and community level. Cassendre wants to see our students taking an active part in life outside school, socialising with other children and being accepted by society. She hopes to achieve this by working collaboratively with teachers, therapists, students and parents alike.

When asked what her favourite thing about Kay Ste. Germaine is Cassendre replies, ‘Teamwork! In other schools teachers instruct and students sit and learn. In this school we work together to achieve the best possible outcomes based on each student’s level of ability. We set class and individual goals to ensure that everyone has a chance to achieve their full potential’.

Cassendre is a very popular member of staff and we wish her every success as she adapts to her new role. There are sure to be challenges ahead but we know that Cassendre has the skills and talent to overcome them. The very best of luck to you Cassendre. We believe in you!

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