In the main online college, Rio Salado College accompanies its course, while non-profit colleges may feel more heat about their results as they fail. In the main online college, Rio Salado College accompanies its courses, while non-profit colleges may feel more heat about their results against the background of the collapse for profit …

Define \”good\” shutdown.

In the main online college, Rio Salado College accompanies its courses, while non-profit colleges may feel more heat about their results against the background of the collapse for profit …

Like a nonprofit college.A very recently-known adviser on technology in the field of education has published critical remarks about the rates of completion and the interaction of teachers and students at the Rio Salado College, the only two-year institution in the country, which is the only two-year (at present) part of the Maricopa Community College system in Arizona …

\”One question we have to ask is whether it is appropriate to have a school with some of the lowest student outcomes in the country as a model,\” Hill writes. Yes, Rio Salado has found a way to spend less on the education and support of students, and yes, many students have listed, but that is not enough. If we want to use them as a case study for others, we need more evidence of the student’s success. \”

Rio Salado has been fired.

\”We want us to be able to push ourselves,\” said Rio Salado Keith Smith, vice president for academic affairs at Rio. We are very good at where we are. But we, of course, want to improve. \”

Founded in 1978 as a \”no-wall college\”, which could have been a student population in the Maricopa County, which includes most of the Phoenix and beyond, in Rio Salado last year, the total number of students was almost 53,000. But his full registration in federal databases, which define admission in certain narrow ways, is 18,636 …

This discrepancy is part of what is maguely in the water at the prom and the student compartment. In accordance with federal definitions, in accordance with federal definitions, only 1 per cent of the entire student population of Rio Salado is diverse, depending on the federal definitions.As a result, the Rio Salado four-year graduation rate, which is 5 per cent of the most commonly used federal database, which, according to Hill, is the second lowest of any college in the US, does not actually mean a lot of …

Last year, more than three fourths of the students in Rio Salado reported that they did not seek a diploma or college degree. Among the likely persons who did not have a permit in Rio Salado, 23 per cent were high school graduates, while 33 per cent said that they had been enrolled in Rio Salado to earn transfer credits …

This means that thousands of students who are enrolled but do not follow the view in Rio Salado before moving to public, four-year universities in Arizona or elsewhere, are taken into account in federal databases …

\”This is a feeder school for the Arizona State University,\” said Sally Johnstone, president of the National Center for Higher Education. \”It’s a huge piece of what they’re doing.\”

Hill agreed, but questioned whether the college was acting so …

\”They are not pushing their presence in the market as a transfer,\” he said.At the same time, at the level of public education, US$ 86 The President of the Republic made a note of the report of the Secretary-Conference. The United States of America for students working part time), Rio Salado, can be a good deal for students wishing to get some kind of transfer credit.

\”We welcome all students who have access to our services, regardless of whether they are certificates and applicants, adult students, students of elementary colleges, students who have been imprisoned, students in the labour force, or students who are lifelong learners,\” the college said in a written statement. \” We understand the responsibility that we are responsible for helping students to navigate the barriers to higher education. Providing seamless opportunities for transfer to other colleges and institutions through agreements on the transfer and formulation of documents is an important component of the work that we are doing. \”.

So which metrics can be used to judge the results of the students ‘ training at Rio Salado or other low costs in the sub-group space?

The college offers start dates, admission of new students almost every Monday. This further complicates the relevance of federal data, which are often based on census results, starting from the 45th day of the fall semester before many students in Rio Salado are enrolled …

In addition, about 90 per cent of the students in Rio de Janeiro were enrolled in part-time work, and the average time before the completion of the training was more than five years.As a result, officials in Rio Salado prefer to keep tabs with the Voluntary Basis of Accountability, published by the American Association of Community Colleges. At

The college works well compared to 210 other community colleges within VFA ..

For example, its three-year final rate is 13 per cent, compared to 10 per cent for expert institutions. And the three-year Rio Salado rate for students seeking permits is 42 percent, according to VFA data analysis in college, compared to 16 percent for peers. His first and two year credit rates (the interest of credit clocks completed by the cohort of students), hover over 70 percent, which also corresponds to the wide expert group …

Are these numbers good enough?Hill welcomed VFA data to the college, calling it useful. But he warned that the numbers reflected the heavy orientation of Rio Salado on certificates ..

\”This is not a bad situation, in fact, as long as the students are gaining value in the workplace for these official certificates,\” he said. \”But certificates are not useful in terms of comparing apples with apples, especially when one school uses them like Rio and most of the other schools do not.\”Hill also noted that the completion rate of the VFA programme in Rio de Janeiro for the associated level programmes was \”problematic\” 7 per cent.Smith admitted that it was difficult to establish appropriate expectations for the completion rates ..

\”I am personally speaking about this issue,\” she said. What we really want is 100 percent of our students who want to finish the job. Is that realistic? \”.

From the point of view of Hill, the collapse of profits and the growing share of unprofits on the online market has raised the relevance of a more critical view of the success rate of students in Rio Salado and other large not-for-profit providers ..

\”There were no people digging into it,\” he said. \”All colleges must be equally responsible for results.\”

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Critique Hill of Rio Salado also raised the question of whether the college is an appropriate interaction between its professors and students ..

The federal government requires \”regular and substantive\” interaction over decades-old rules that were aimed at pressing the abuse of correspondence courses in the form of evidence-mail. The interpretation of these rules has led to some headaches for programmes based on professional quality.

He said that the two Rio Salado courses, which had been accessed, in the first year of training and in early childhood education, appeared to include a small interaction between students. Holm said that the interaction between faculty and students is limited by the grade of tasks and messages initiated by students …

In addition to potential problems with federal rules, Hill said: \”Courses that do not have real interaction can lead to very disappointing and unproductive learning experience for students.\”

Rio Salado has moved to the critic of Hill. At the college courses, according to the officials, the students directly interact with one of the faculty members who have high qualifications in their discipline.

\”For example, in the English class interaction is mainly in writing, as the instructors are working with students to prepare their dissertations, suggest strategies to study the topics they have selected, propose changes to the essays, etc.\”, the article reads. \”In biology courses, the faculty of weekly courses for alerting students to the content, which is particularly complex, and students of engineering courses have Skype sessions with their instructor to work on group projects.\”

According to Smith, Rio Salado is trying to be as high as possible with his students. This may mean that the use of the forecast dimension is of strategic importance to where students need more support. And she said that college should work in close collaboration with 1,500 assistant instructors to encourage them to support and interact with students ..

\”We are constantly improving,\” she said, adding that \”we don’t want to limit ourselves.\”

Johnstone did not know whether Rio Saladah supported adequate interaction with faculty members. But the former vice president for academic progress of Western governors said the provision of a high-quality online instruction with a centralized course and the affordable cost of education is possible with strong leadership and smart reception at the faculty.\”It’s doable,\” Johnstone said, especially if the college helps the instructors \”see what their role is, and it’s not just sorting documents.\”

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