The publishers ‘ sales teams are free to visit the professor at many campuses. Stephen J. Bell asks whether academic librarians who promote alternatives should have access to teachers?The publishers ‘ sales teams are free to visit the professor at many campuses. Stephen J. Bell asks whether academic librarians who promote alternatives should have access to teachers?Queries the Textbook Rep Culture.

The publishers ‘ sales teams are free to visit the professor at many campuses. Stephen J. Bell asks whether academic librarians who promote alternatives should have access to teachers?Here’s a simple question for my colleagues in the faculty. Why do representatives of merchants from a commercial textbook can just go to your departments and offices at any time they like and get your attention?

Of course, it’s a generalization. There is no doubt that local institutional and departmental practices vary. But my academic librarian colleagues and I have heard it from too many teachers who, as we know, suggest that carte blanche is a thing of urban legend. Linked stories about sales with snacks and various beeping can be the exception rather than the rule, but yes, we have heard it, too …

If the library lijans have come unannounced with a box of donuts, it will help them pass by the watchman and at the office of the faculty?

This could be a blow to the instructors as a serious non-issue in an ambitious scheme in which all matters of higher education are found. That’s why she needs more attention. The current textbook of the culture of carte blanche is in need of change, because our students pay too high a price. The problem is three times …

First, the sales manual in the tutorials calls the faculty.

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Second, it is silent on the need for higher education to be and must be accessible and accessible to all who seek advanced training. Third, this restricts the freedom of choice for the development of educational materials ..

How would I know that? In the last two academic years, my colleagues in the library and I have done what we call.

This meant simply listening, not advocating, how many faculties that participated in our work.

The fact that we heard about the sales representatives in our excursion visits has informed us, but it was less than surprising. The faculty described regular visits throughout the school year, which come to dig up their most recent warders or describe related training manuals …

Academic divisions respond differently across the spectrum, from free permission to apply a variety of restrictions. Where departments do not fall on this spectrum, we have learned that the textbook sales reps are permanent and will eventually find ways to access the teachers. We librarians, we, the librarians, had a sense of envy from those who sold the books. Getting access to our faculty is a constant challenge, and many colleagues in the academic library share this experience ..

I know a few academic librarians to talk about textbooks in any academic department or something else that we are proposing on the way to resources and services. How is culture developed in higher education, where external agents representing businesses generating profits can walk right at any time? However, knowledgeable academic colleagues should be able to interview hell to get to the door …

Despite several disparate tones of this essay, the advocates of the availability of textbooks understand that the sales of textbooks are an important part of it.

It would be unrealistic to expect professorial-teaching staff to follow the behaviour, practices and even traditions of many years of relations with textbook publishers. There is no doubt that some professors have established productive relations with props and look forward to their casual visits. As the nature of the training materials and the way in which they are advanced and increasingly depart from the practice of the past, the textbook on the study of a free-range culture may become more and more frequently called into question.For all disciplines, there are departments in any institution that have placed restrictions or even outright prohibitions against these textbook publishers. We heard from a few departments involved in our audition book. Others continue to have wide, open and unhindered access to their departments ..

The fact that the advocates of access to textbooks would like to change is an academic culture of the textbook, which is widely open to commercial publishers, but is largely closed to colleagues in the academic library. These colleagues have valuable information and resources to share with them on the availability of textbooks.

These experts are your campus librarians. Let’ s change the culture of the rap in our colleges and universities so that the academic librarians are as welcome as these reps so that they can offer the latest solutions and options for making the textbooks available …

Opening the door and allowing the librarians of your campus to find out that they are just welcoming, like textbook reps, is the first step to reusing a reward that is capable of affordable and accessible higher education for our students. Of course, there’s no guarantee that academic librarians will appear with a box of donuts …

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